Friday, July 10, 2009


This quote is one of my very favorites. I'm thrilled to use it to make a handout for Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 30 on Service.

Here is the handout in jpg.
Here is the handout in pdf.

I used a mixture of items to make this handout, I'm surprised, my new system in saving docs allowed me to figure out each and every one of the designers. Thanks to the following designers for sharing their talent....

My Favorite Guy by NLP Designs at crop-a-holic for papers and the house.
My Favorite Guy by Charlies Digiscraps for Tag.
My Favorite Guy by Karyn Robinson at Digital Arts-Cafe for the wrenches.
My Favorite Guy by Bon Scrapatit for the staple.
My Favorite Guy by Brandi White Designs for the mesh at the lower left corner.
My Favorite Guy by Kalo Designs by Stacy Molter for the length of flowers and bolt edges.
Handy Man by Russian-Dutch Heart Design for the hammer and saw.


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