Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quote Card 25 (Adversity) FREEBIE

Sorry about the delay for the next quote card. For the past three weeks I have been learning to do spray paint art. This week I finally made one that I can be proud of. There are still some imperfections, but they will be worked out with more practice. I thought I would share with you this piece. What do you think!?

One of my favorite type of quotes I love to collect are on adversity. It seems I can never have enough great quotes to remind me about being uplifted during times of adversity. So, today's card is about just that, adversity and the hope the atonement of the Savior gives to us.

I made this one using a template by Fiddle-Dee Dee Designs Flower Power and Fresh Squeezed kit by Just So Scrappy.

To download, simply click on the below image and then right-click and save the large image to your computer. If you download, please leave a comment :).


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quote Card 24 (Angels and Priveleges) FREEBIE

I made this layout for another quote and then realized the area was way too small for a large quote. I was in love with the layout, so I saved it until I found one that would work and then put pictures of nice paintings in the picture spots instead of a quote. Hopefully I made the very best use of the space.

I do love this quote! It reminds me that when it may seem hard at times to make the right choice,  doing so will have resulting blessings. In this case a specific blessing - who couldn't use a few more angels as associates?! I believe some of those angels are in flesh and blood on earth with us. This has been happening for me even recently after having gone through a divorce. I have been blessed with the greatest of friends who I consider to be my personal angels. They don't even know it. Some of them are guys friends who would probably think I was weird if I told them they were one of my personal angels. They have blessed me with unconditional friendship and have, unknowingly, been teaching me how a man should treat a woman... with respect and kindness. This dose of emotional medication is exactly what the doctor ordered. I hope these people will remain my friends forever.

For the layout, I used the digital scrapbooking kit, Fresh Squeezed by Just So Scrappy  and cschneider-set122-pg2 by Cindy Schneider for the template.

For the images, I used Heavenly Hands and Gentle Healer by painter Greg Olsen.

I hope you like it! If you download, please comment so I know you like it :)


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Festival Flyer FREEBIE

A few weeks ago I created this flyer for our upcoming youth dance. In addition to specifics, such as time and place, etc, I was asked to include church recommendations and standards for behavior so this would be a fall festival, rather than a scare fest with inappropriate costumes and behavior. I thought I would share the flyer with you - minus our details - so you can use it, too, if you can. I'm including two versions. One with some of the information we had provided and with none of the information we provided.

If you would like this to be further customized for your youth, let me know and I would be happy to do so.

If you download, please leave a comment :)

I used Connie Prince's digital scrapbooking kit, You're a Hoot and a template called sjend_oaly_temp1 (sorry, I cannot seem to find who in the world the designer was for this template. There is a complete set of 4 different owl templates and I don't keep the accompanied preview and TOU or my computer would be so much more ultimately full than it already is. So, the name of the file wasn't specific enough for me to re-find the designer. If you know who it is, feel free to let me know.)