Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 16: Temple Endowment

This handout goes with the lesson "Temple Endowment". This lesson discusses the that inside the temple, worthy Church members perform ordinances and the importance of these ordinances that are performed.The following are some the blessing that you can receive by attending the temple and being worthy to do so!
“You can’t help but leave the temple feeling uplifted. You learn charity and love and compassion. You leave the cares of the day outside the doors of the temple, and when you go out, your feet are led to the paths you’ve been searching for to help you with some problem you might have.
“After you make covenants, you’re not pulled to and fro by the world so easily. It’s a strength to your life and helps you to keep righteous goals.”
“As you come to the sacredness of the temple, you take yourself out of the world. You can forget yourself in the work you’re doing.”
“You get a perspective of your life that puts it in order for you. And the experience in the temple is supportive of the LDS way of life. It gives you a backup, a reassurance that what you’re doing is righteous” (quoted in Kathleen Lubeck, “Preparing for the Temple Endowment,” New Era, Feb. 1987, p. 11).
I remember my first time attending the temple to receive my very own endowments.  What a wonderful experience and a true blessing in my life.  The power of the Spirit and the blessings that I received were amazing! 
Handout made using For Eternity found here.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 15: Blessings of the House of Israel

First I am so sorry this handout is late!!  I have a totally off week! I thought I had posted it!  But anyway, here it is!
This weeks lesson is "Blessings of the House of Israel"  This quote stood out to me in the lesson,

President Ezra Taft Benson said to the young women of the Church:
“My young sisters, we have such hope for you. We have such great expectations for you. Don’t settle for less than what the Lord wants you to be. …
“Give me a young woman who loves home and family, who reads and ponders the scriptures daily, who has a burning testimony of the Book of Mormon. … Give me a young woman who is virtuous and who has maintained her personal purity, who will not settle for less than a temple marriage, and I will give you a young woman who will perform miracles for the Lord now and throughout eternity” (Ensign, Nov. 1986, p. 84).

Oh how true it is the miracles that can performed by a young woman who honors herself, her Father  and his gospel.

This handout was made using My Family Tree found here
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brrr It's Cold Outside Quick Page

Here is another cute free quick page featuring Brrr....It's Cold Outside this kit also has a matching cluster frames, 8.5 x 11 and 12 x 12 quick pages. You can find it all here. The free page here.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Free Greeting Card from Family Tree Kit

This is a uber cute card for you to give your someone you love that you are glad is a family member!!  This card is made using the My Family Tree kit found here.   Your freebie is found here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brrr It's Cold Outside Quick Page

This quick page is another from the Steadfast CT!!  You find Brrr... It's Cold Outside! at Faith Sisters here. This super cute winter kit is great for your sleeding and snowmobile pictures, even those of the kids out building a snowman. 

Find the free Quick Page here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 14: We Have a Wonderful Legacy

This week's Young Women's Handout is made using the combo of 2 kits that were made to coordinate! Cloud Nine and For Eternity .  The lesson is "We Have a Wonderful Legacy"  This lesson talks about the legacy of the Church and the restoration of the Gospel to the earth.  The following testimony from President Joseph Fielding Smith:
“We believe that following a long night of darkness, unbelief, and departure from the truths of pure and perfect Christianity, the Lord in his infinite wisdom has again restored to earth the fullness of the everlasting gospel.
“We know Joseph Smith is a prophet; that the Father and the Son appeared to him in the spring of 1820 to usher in this final gospel dispensation; that he translated the Book of Mormon by the gift and power of God; that he received keys and authority from angels sent for this very purpose; and that the Lord revealed to him the doctrines of salvation.
“We announce that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the kingdom of God on earth, the only place where men may come to learn the true doctrines of salvation and find the authority of the holy priesthood” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1971, p. 5; or Ensign, June 1971, p. 4).

I would like to add that I know the Church is true I know that God the Father and His Son Our Brother Jesus Christ live and they love us each individually. They know us and they knew that we were going to need the gospel restored to help guides back to live with them. I am so very thankful for the gifts of the gospel we have the gift of repentance, the priesthood, The Book of Mormon, a Prophet that is called by Our Father to teach us and lead us in these days.  I am thankful for all my Father has given me and for the graciousness. I share this with you in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ Amen.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Family Tree Free Quick Page #1

This quick page is made using the My Family Tree Kit.  Which is the newest release from Steadfast and Immovable which also has a few add on kits for step family, a cute pumpkin patch kit for your family, even an apple tree since apples don't fall from the tree! 
You can get your free quick page here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Young Women General Broadcast Invite FREEBIE

I was asked to make an invite to the upcoming LDS Mother-Daughter Conference for the Young Women General Broadcast scheduled for the end of March 2011. I created a blank version for those who could use it as well. As a result of that invite, I put together this mini-kit with the parts created for it. It matches the Cloud Nine and For Eternity kits already available in my store at Faith Sisters because some pieces from the invite were also from those kits. This mini-kit comes with one Book of Mormon, journal tag, journal tie, mom, daughter, seven papers and one complete alpha one two sheets with upper, lower, numbers and symbols.

You can find the mini-kit at Faith Sisters and may download the handout-invite freebie here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 13: The Priesthood Can Bless Families

This week's Young Women's handout goes with lesson 13: "The Priesthood Can Bless Families"

“There is no higher authority in matters relating to the family organization, and especially when that organization is presided over by one holding the higher priesthood, than that of the father. The authority is time honored, and among the people of God in all dispensations it has been highly respected and often emphasized by the teachings of the prophets who were inspired of God. The patriarchal order is of divine origin and will continue throughout time and eternity” (Joseph F. Smith, “The Rights of Fatherhood,” Juvenile Instructor, 1 Mar. 1902, p. 146).
In this weeks lesson it talks about how a daughter can support her father and help him realize how him holding the priesthood will bless their family. To let him know how much it means to her that he holds the priesthood and is worthy to bless their family and have those blessings that the priesthood brings to their home. 

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Works Quick Page Freebie!

Today's freebie comes to use from the Good Works kit! This kit is perfect for those pictures of your little ones helping you clean!!  This freebie is from the Steadfast CT....we hope you enjoy it.
Find the good works kit here. Plus you can find more quick pages, word art and a brag book!
Find the freebie here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

NEW RELEASE: My Family Tree

This Family Tree kit has everything you would ever need to create layouts of your genealogy. It includes labels pre-labeled and blank in many different sizes. There is also a simple explanation for extended relationships. In addition to the kit there are also Clusters, Word art, Quick Pages in two sizes, Adoptive and Step-family add-ons, Apple Tree QPs, Pumpkin Patch QPs, Family Home Evening Chart, and a Pumpkin Add-on. Check them all out in the stores at Faith Sisters !

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Best Friends In Love Quick Page Freebie #3

This is the final quick page for this kit! I really hope that you have enjoyed these quickpages by the CT!  Remember, there is the new kit being released tomorrow!!

Trust me you will want to pick this kit up! It is so cute!  Great for all you genealogy people out there! Family Historians and the like!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2011 Visiting Teaching Handout

Hi Everyone! The month of February got away from me - sorry this is a day late. Better late then never, huh!? So, here is the March 2011 Visiting Teaching Handout. I've made one using quotes from the message and one blank one for your use in case you want to use different quotes or use another language. :) The message this month is titled, "Under the Priesthood and after the Pattern of the Priesthood.". You can download the freebie here.

See you soon :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 12: The Blessings of the Priesthood

This hand out is for lesson 12 "The Blessings of the Priesthood" This lesson is about the Priesthood and the blessings that the priesthood brings to our lives.
This quote is from the lesson: The priesthood is for the blessing of all—men, women, and children. Through the priesthood we receive and administer the ordinances of the gospel, which include baptism, confirmation, the sacrament, all temple ordinances, including sealings for time and all eternity, and work for the dead. By the power of the priesthood the sick are healed, the lame made to walk, the blind to see, and the deaf to hear, according to their faith and the will of our Father in heaven. Blessings of the priesthood comfort those who mourn, and give aid to the stricken” (N. Eldon Tanner, “The Priesthood of God,” Ensign, June 1973, p. 6).
I personally have a very strong testimony of the power of the priesthood. While I was serving my mission in  the Chile Santiago West Mission I was in a very severe accident, I was thrown from a bus and fractured my skull.  I was taken to the hospital and remember very few details.  I remember boarding the bus and then drifting in and out of conscientiousness.  I was in a coma for about 4 days then released to my mission President where I spent a few weeks.  I was given the option to return home honorable but I decided to stay and finish my mission.  A few months passed and I was talking to one of the Elders who served in the office at the time of my accident.  He told me, "You really scared us Sister Chesnut."  I told him, "I scared myself.  I was lucky I made it that I had survived." " He looked at me and said "When we give you the first blessing while you were unconscientious and you said, Amen at the end of the blessing I knew you were going to be okay."  I thank my Father Heaven daily for the power of the priesthood for a gift so precious that saved my life.  For the blessing as I was released  since I had served faithfully and diligently that I would not suffer any negative effects from the accident.  I share this with you in the name of My Savior and older Brother Jesus Christ Amen. 

You can find the kit used here.
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