Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quote Card 25 (Adversity) FREEBIE

Sorry about the delay for the next quote card. For the past three weeks I have been learning to do spray paint art. This week I finally made one that I can be proud of. There are still some imperfections, but they will be worked out with more practice. I thought I would share with you this piece. What do you think!?

One of my favorite type of quotes I love to collect are on adversity. It seems I can never have enough great quotes to remind me about being uplifted during times of adversity. So, today's card is about just that, adversity and the hope the atonement of the Savior gives to us.

I made this one using a template by Fiddle-Dee Dee Designs Flower Power and Fresh Squeezed kit by Just So Scrappy.

To download, simply click on the below image and then right-click and save the large image to your computer. If you download, please leave a comment :).



  1. Thank you for the lovely quote card on adversity. It really helped lift my spirits today. I have downloaded it to a folder I have called Inspiration, which would be better named Spirituality. In any case, I know where it is and can find it easily whenever I need it. Your design work is lovely, and your blog looks very nice ... soothing and warm ... a comfortable place to be ... God bless you!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. It's encouraging to know these are helpful to other people, too :) have a wonderful week!