Saturday, July 4, 2009

Picnic Invitation Templates

One of my favorite summer activities were the picnic outings we would have with church ladies and their kids. We would meet at the local park every Tuesday at noon for a picnic lunch and for the little ones to burn some energy. At the time we lived close enough to ride our bikes. Hmmmm, memories.

Thanks to Jonigray's JGD Picnic pack, I found some items that would make a perfect picnic handout or invite. So, I made a templates to share. First, I made the one with the redish background. Then, I thought how someone may not want to use up all their ink with the all color one, so I made another one with a white background. I'll provide both from which you can choose. Hope you like them.

Directions are below to guide you with using the handout in Word.

Here is red handout in jpg.
Here is the white handout in jpg.


Simply click the link for the jpg so that you get a large version. Right click and save it on your computer. Then open it up with your picture software, or insert the photo into Word - see below (I like Publisher, make it postcard size, and set it up to print four times onto one page and add the text. Wahla! Your done.)

For those who don't have Publisher, use Microsoft Word. Go to this website to download a template for Postcards for Word. Then, when the template is opened on your computer highlight the text in the first box, and insert the handout you just right-clicked and downloaded. Repeat this for the remaining three spots. Then, go to the Insert menu and choose Text Box. Write your text and format it. Select the box and right click. Choose Format Text Box and choose No Color for both Fill Color and Line Color. When you have finished the handout, select the text box, and copy and past it over the other three backgrounds previously inserted into the template.


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  1. Thank you for leaving your link on my blog, I love seeing what people make with my kits.Your invite/handouts are very pretty.