Saturday, June 6, 2009


Young Women, Manual 1, Lesson 23 is on Forgiveness. I love the quote I chose for the handout because this is something I always try to remember. Do I really think Heavenly Father is going to want to listen to each and every complaint I have of all the minute mis-treatments, irritations, and wrong-doings that have been done to me? Furthermore, do I want to know about each and every one of those kinds of things I've done to someone else? I think I'd rather just let it go. I have bigger fish to fry and when it comes to those really difficult challenges to overcome, I'd rather know that my roadblocks are while climbing the mountains and not the mole hills.

The theme for this handout is a patchwork quilt. Forgiveness patches our hearts. People are imperfect, like the stitches in a quilt.

Here is the handout in jpg.
Here is the handout in pdf.

I came across this idea at and love the idea!


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