Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Righteous Example Influences Others

The Young Women Manual 1, Lesson 21, is A Righteous Example Influences Others. It can be easy to forget that we are being watched. I can think of a handful of examples where I later learned that my actions or words were used to guide someone else in their life. When I think back at that particular time when I had made a choice to choose that path, I remember that sometimes I was struggling with the choice. How much of a relief I felt later knowing I had made the right choice, especially in knowing that I was being watched. Just think of the times I don't even know about.

Someone once told me that people will repeat 80% of what you do wrong and 20% of what you do right. I don't know how true that is, but when I watch my own child imulate my actions, I can see that she has picked up the good AND the bad.

I have made two handouts. The first I wasn't satisfied with, so I made a second. I also made a handout with the scriptures. See an example below....

Here is the first handout in jpg.
Here is the first handout in pdf.

Here is the second handout in jpg.
Here is the second handout in pdf.

Here are the chalkboard labels in pdf.
Here are the scriptures in pdf. This was my first hand in being creative with word art. (I don't know how to share it in pdf... I'm wondering if I share the pdf file, doesn't the other person need to have my fonts? There must be a secret way of sharing it so that isn't necessary. If someone will let me know how to save the document in pdf so that the person downloading the file doesn't need the same fonts I used, then I will share it that way, too.)

Scripture John 3:15 in jpg

Scripture 1 Timothy 4:12 in jpg

Scripture 1 Peter 2:21 in jpg

Scripture Matthew 5:16 in jpg


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  1. Hi Erika,
    Love your handouts! Please teach me...I'm not completely in the dark about computers but I want to change the text/font/color of pdf handouts and I can't. Is that even possible? For instance, the above scripture handout is so cute. I just wanted to change the color but I've spent way to much time working on it. There is either and easier way or no way. I'm at your mercy. Thanks! Lori