Sunday, May 10, 2009

Purpose of Covenants and Ordinances

The next Young Women lesson is from Manual 1, Lesson 17, the Purposes of Covenants and Ordinances. There is a lot that goes with this lesson, Handout, Ladder and labels, chalkboard labels. I've made something for everything. A few weeks ago, I was so exciting when I found a ladder digital embellishment to use for my own Food Storage Ladder analogy that I am doubly excited to have it in time for this lesson. I had fun with this one and I love the handout. Hope you do, too.

Here is the handout in jpg.
Here is the handout in pdf (Until Scribd gets fixed I have to use zoho.)

Here are the chalkboard labels in PDF. This includes the words Covenants, Ordinances... and their Definitions for each.

Now, here is the ladder (see example below) and the ladder labels. The way this works is that I made the Ladder jpg a legal sized photo. So, be sure to use a legal sized piece of paper when you print it, or adjust it to fit onto a regular sized piece of paper. I wanted to make it big enough to be seen on the chalkboard, and I still doubt that it is big enough. The ladder labels will go in between the rungs of the ladder. Their size should be consistent with the ladder. All I did was copy the ladder and it's labels from the handout, past it onto the legal size photo template and resize the image to fit the legal size template. Then, I cut and copied the labels from that and pasted them into another template. I didn't resize the labels in hopes that their sized would be maintained for the ladder. Hence the reason they should fit the ladder.



  1. Love this! Found you on Sugardoodle. One thing I noticed is that a scripture reference is incorrect. D&C 4:19-22 should be D&C 84:19-22. Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us who aren't so talented :) --Michelle

  2. This is amazing!! Made my day to see this, thank you!