Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The Young Women Manual 1, Lesson 26 is about building a Testimony.
Here is the handout in jpg.
Here is the handout in pdf.

I thank LDS designer, Piccolina, for all the digital compenants of this handout.



  1. Hi Erika! This is Tiffany from Taylor Kade Designs!! Just wanted to say thanks for linking my site to yours!! I wanted to tell you about my friend that is giving away an LDS digital freebie every monday night on her blog!! She currently has one to go with the Salt Lake Temple and it's fabulous!!! Her name is Ramona and she is the owner of Brownie Scraps! Here is her blog: http://designsbyramona.blogspot.com/ Enjoy!!

  2. Thank you Erika. I always check your blog while preparing my lesson. You have such great handouts and ideas. Thank you for all the time and effort you put it.