Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sustaining Priesthood Bearers

Another terrific Young Women lesson from Manual 1, Lesson 13, Sustaining Priesthood Bearers. I couldn't decide which quotes or sections of the lesson to focus on for the handout, so it is two pages, printed back to back, with all of the great quotes, scriptures, and definitions. (Only front side is shown below)

I used the questionnaire from here, rather than recreating one.

Here is the handout in PDF.
Here is the chalkboard labels in PDF.



  1. thanks for the handouts! I have little ones and find no time to make cute handouts like this. You're a lifesaver!

  2. Hello - I have just found your site and am so impressed with the handouts for the YW Manuals - I was looking for lesson material on teaching eternal families - I am serving a mission with my husband in germany - It seems that lessons 1 thru 12 of Manual 1 [YW] are no longer available - Is this correct - I can't seemsto find them - when I get to lesson 13 it will only go to newer posts and not to older posts - have they been taken off or am I looking in the wrong place - again thank you for the hard work and the willingness to share the handouts.

  3. Thank you so much for your interest in the YW Handouts. I do not know why the links for the individual lessons that I created are not working. I wonder if through time the blogspot's links change. Anyway, I checked the label, "Manual 2" and you can find them all there, simply choose "older Posts" at the bottom of the page when you need to go further back. Eventually, I plan to have just one great big zip file for each Manual. Maybe now's a good time to do that for Manual 1 :)

    Here's the label link for Manual 1

    (I tried to email you, but I received the email back as failed to deliver)