Sunday, February 2, 2014

Quote Card 63 (The Fall) FREEBIE

I stayed home today still recovering from being sick for the past four days. I'm feeling much better; I just want to make sure I am still going to be better tomorrow when I return to work. It hurts the pocketbook to miss two days of work!

So, while I am lazy at home, I decided to make a quote card for today's Sunday School lesson. I read it through during the week. Then, I also read the related chapter in the Seminary manual as well as another book I have that discusses the fall of Adam and Eve. This is one of my favorite stories in the scriptures and it's one of the most important. It is the story of our first parents and their struggles in precipitating our life here on earth. This story is also one of the most misunderstood. Their story doesn't begin with the Garden of Eden and it doesn't fail with the fall. The fall was on purpose. It wasn't a sin; it was a transgression. As I was reading through all of my resources, the words that stuck with me the most during the rest of the week are the ones I concentrated on for this quote card. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Old Testament: Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual. Lesson 4: 'Because of My Transgression...'
Old Testament Seminary Student Manual Genesis 3: The Fall
Moses 5:11 which is part of the Pearl of Great Price. Learn more of the Pearl of Great Price here.

To create this quote card I used the following resources:
Kit: Inside out by Kimeric Kreations
Template: Half Pack 61 by Cindy Schneider
Fonts: Cry Kitty and Passions Sans

To download, simply click on the below image, then right-click and save the large image to your computer. If you download, please leave a comment. Enjoy! :).


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