Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fit As A Fiddle

Hi Everyone!

I'm happy to announce the release of my newest kit. These were inspired by a set of recent Young Women lessons regarding health and preventing disease. I had been wanting to create a kit regarding keeping fit and that helped propel me into actually making it. Every spring and fall I always seem to be renewed in my quest for getting fit. Then, the heat of the summer and the bombardment of holidays during the winter seem to get in the way. Maybe this year will be different! :)

This fun kit is all about being fit and exercising. It comes with various fitness related elements as well as labels describing common fitness words and weight-loss pound markers ranging from 5 all the way up to 100. In total, this kit comes with 26 individual elements (62 total after duplications), 27 papers (solid one's not shown in additional paper preview), and 1 alpha with full upper, lower case, numbers and some symbols.

The Word Art was so much fun to make. It comes with six, 300 dpi, PNG Word Art that contains shadows only in the overlapping areas.

The quick pages come in two different sizes - each come with four, 300 dpi, PNG quick pages. One set is 12x12 and the other is letter-sized (8-1/2x11).

You can find all of these kits at Scrap It Sassy and Faith Sisters.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon :)


  1. This is very good post. Thanks for posted it and shared.

  2. Here I am so happy with your newest Fit As A Fiddle kit. I have seen your art and its really makes me crazy about it. Thanks for sharing this information and pictures.
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