Monday, March 29, 2010

Journals YW Handout FREEBIE

I have a testimony of keeping a journal. I love to keep a journal and I've come to realize the benefits to both me and my family for keeping it. I regret not keeping one during specific times of my life and had I done so I probably would have a best seller by now. lol. Despite that, though, it would have been and still is an invaluable keepsake for my family.

Recently, I was thinking about my journals. I keep everything in binders and the spine has the dates and name on the outside and are stored on a shelf in my front room alongside my scrapbooks. They are not hidden away where no one can see them, but on this shelf where everyone who comes into the house can see them, if they looked on my shelves. They would see that they are my journals and depending on what kind of person they are they could have a look at them. I thought about whether I wanted to keep them there or not because of this fact and decided that I don't have anything in there that everyone couldn't see. I may be a bit embarrassed about a few things and some of it's private, but nothing in it is so bad that I wouldn't want people to read them altogether. They are not secret, but they are somewhat sacred. They are my personal feelings and experiences that I intend to pass on to my children and their family when the time comes. My entries are really saved for them and not the world. Although, my journal isn't secret, it is a sacred record kept for a specific purpose and intended for a specific people. I know that most, hopefully all, people who enter my home would respect that sacredness. When I thought of this I realized the comparison my journals have to the Temple. It's not a place of secrets simply because we require a temple recommend in order to enter. But, it's a place of sacredness reserved for those who are worthy for a specific purpose prepared and intended for them. I thought I would share these thoughts with you. :)

The Young Women Manual 2 Lesson 16 is on Journals. You can download the entire kit (Postcard jpg, PDF with 4 postcards on one page, 4x6 jpg) here at 4Shared.

I made this handout using parts of my Hoppy Easter kit. :)


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