Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brag Book for Young Women Handouts

I've been thinking about placing the YW handouts in a 4x6 brag book. I wanted one that could hold an entire manual's worth of handouts. Unfortunately, it looks like the BB's we know of only hold 30-40 pictures. Bummer, that wasn't enough. Then, yesterday at Wal-Mart I came across this one pictured above, "Best Occasions Photo Album, holds 100 4x6 photos." It was only $3.00. I figured I could fit two years worth in there, or still one per manual since the girls rotate the same manual twice they would have room for more memorabilia all throughout YW. This one looks to be distributed only by Wal-Mart stores, so I looked online for a similar product and found one at Memory Scrap Books. This one comes in few different colors and styles - other than plain black/brown/blue found at wallyworld. Either way - it's a great find and a great way for YW to retain their 4x6 handouts - or fold other keepsakes to keep them altogether. :)

You can get your 4x6 handouts printed by Wal-Mart here.

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