Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Angel To Spare - Three New Kits

By request, I introduce three new kits based on the adoption of children and babies! I wanted to keep in mind that not all adoptions are of babies and have provided the option of children with these kits. There is one for each a boy and a girl. Then, there are the coordinating Quick Pages that cover both in one kit with six standard sized 12x12 pages, plus the same pages resized for letter-size layouts, along with eight brag book pages!

When you take a closer look, you will notice that there is a poem that are lyrics to a song. This song is entitled “Have You an Angel to Spare” by Marilyn Lanier, and it is an absolutely beautiful, soul gripping, and tear-dropping song. I’ve wanted to do something special with these lyrics for a long time and when I was requested to make an adoption kit I knew exactly how I wanted to make it. You must take a moment to listen to this song here: Have You an Angel to Spare? by Marilyn Lanier

I have created an additional preview to show how this song’s lyrics are incorporated into each of the Boy and Girl kits, so please realize it’s not sold separately. You will also notice that it comes with the Quick Pages kit, too.

Although this kit was made with the adoption of either a child or a baby in mind, they would easily incorporate into all baby layouts. I hope you enjoy this kit!

Three Separate “Angel To Spare” Kits: Boy Kit, Girl Kit, Quick Page Kit

To purchase any of these kits, simply click the corresponding Add-To-Cart buttons found on the top-right side of this blog. You do not need to have a Paypal account to purchase through Paypal. All of these kits have been compressed using a regular zip program (I’m no longer going to use WinRAR to prevent any complications on your end should you not have that program). Please allow me 24 hours to email your download links to you. I check my email regularly, so it will not typically take that long :)

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  1. AWESOME! Though the word seems small for a talent like yours! just what i was looking for - Angels to spare describes my feelings so well - Thanks a hundred times!