Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aaron Waite LDS Composer

I have a few favorite composers and Aaron Waite is one of them. I've played a few of his pieces in church as piano solos as well as purchased many of his pieces for my own personal enjoyment in playing them. His pieces are just the right enough challenge for me to enjoy playing them without being overly complicated or tricky. They are original and fun to play and I always receive compliments for the songs when I play them in church.

He is also very generous with his talent. I often receive emails from my visitors to this blog for their gratitude for sharing my own design talents in creating handouts and I want to take a moment to express my own appreciation for Aaron who also shares that same generous attitude with his own talent.

Two Christmas's ago (that would be 2009) I had been searching for a Christmas song for my daughter and I to play in church. She plays the violin and I play the piano. I quickly learned that googling piano/violin duets would only result in two violin players - not a piano player dueting with a violinist. Apparently, the piano player is only considered the accompanist, not the second part of the duet. I had purchased one of Aaron's pieces and loved it, but it did require a second violinist. I asked him if he had another piece that would fit the needs of our duet and he didn't have any at the time. Do you know what he did?! He re-arranged the piece to fit one violin and one piano and sent it to me! So, we played it for the next Christmas. It was so much fun and very welcoming, especially since it was the last time my daughter and I will probably ever play a duet like that. She stopped taking lessons and since we didn't own the violin we had to return it to the store from which we rented it. So, that piece was our last duet. The arrangement had come at a perfect time.

Then, last Sunday, my choir director asked me to create a transition between two hymns for the choir to sing in July. I've never composed anything before and trying to figure it out was very disappointing. Nothing I played even sounded like notes let alone a successful transition. I am completely dependent on having the notes placed before me. So, I contacted Aaron Waite and he composed the transition for me! At no cost! What a relief! I am so appreciative of his generosity and talent that I wanted to take a moment to share this with you and give him a little plug. I hope he gets some more business from those who visit here, too.

You can find his website at: Please take a moment to listen to his music. I know you'll love it! :)

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