Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 21: Learning to Share the Gospel

Lesson 21: Learning to Share the Gospel.  This lesson is to help the Young Women understand her responsibility to share the gospel and gain confidence in doing missionary work. In this lesson one of the activities is to role play. The lesson give some great examples of questions that you often hear while serving a mission or from someone that doesn't know about the church.  These are great questions for the young women to know the answers to in case someone asks them.

  1. You are asked by a nonmember friend, “Do Mormons believe in Jesus Christ?”
  2. A visitor you have just met wants to know, “Why are you called Mormons?”
  3. A less-active friend wants to know why you do not smoke or drink.
  4. You are asked by a recent acquaintance, “What makes your Church different from other churches?”
  5. You are sitting next to someone on a bus or plane. How do you interest him in the Church?

Would you know how to answer these questions?
Download the handout here.
Find the kit Choice and Accountability here.

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