Thursday, April 7, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 17: Preparing to Attend the Temple

Sorry this is late ladies!!  I swear time is just getting away from me!  I guess that is what happens when you are crazy busy!  This weeks Young Women lesson is "Preparing to Attend the Temple" This lesson is a very scared lesson on how each young woman can prepare to visit the temple, to receive their own endowment. 
“Find out for yourself who Jesus Christ really is. You can know him, and as you make the temple covenants with God, you are putting your hand in his, and receiving blessings from his hand all the time” (quoted in Kathleen Lubeck, “Preparing for the Temple Endowment,” New Era, Feb. 1987, p. 11).
I remember the first time I went to the temple and received my endowment. It was before I went on my mission. Everyone kept asking me after if I was okay. I couldn't figure out why I wouldn't be okay it was the greatest day in my life up to that point. I knew that the scared covenants that I made in the temple that day were all under the direction of my Father in Heaven that his work was being done. I will never forget that day as I had prepared myself to enter into the Holy Temple of my Father. 
It is so important that each young woman understand the importance of going to the temple to be endowed and to take up herself those scare covenants. I pray that each of you have the opportunity to go to the temple and to reap the blessings our Father Heaven has for each of you! 

I love my Father and His Son my Brother Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the plan they have given us and the power of the gospel in my life. I am thankful for one young man that had the faith and courage to ask that one question that brought the true and everlasting gospel back to this earth in our day and time.  I am thankful for all the blessings I have received and all my Father has given me! I know He lives I know he loves me and that my Brother Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer that through Him I may return to live with my Father in Heaven, with my family for time and all eternity. I share this with you in the name of Our Savior Jesus Christ Amen. 


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