Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brrr...It's Cold Outside Quick Page #5

Erika's great new kits is perfect for those winter pictures!  Brrr...It's Cold Outside comes  with one complete alpha (upper, lower, numbers and symbols), 22 papers (including six solid), and 31 individual elements that include one bundled bird, four buttons, one circle, two curled ribbons, one Eskimo girl, one blue flower and one pink flower - both unique, two folded ribbons, one footprints in the snow, one each of pink and blue gloves, hat and jacket, two ice borders, one igloo, one moose, one knotted ribbon, one ribbon wrap, two rick-rack, one boy and one girl each skiing and sledding, one skiis in the snow, one sled, one dog sled, one snowdrift, one snowman, one snow flurries, one snow path, one snow pile, two swirls, eight pre-named tags, one blank tag, one thermometer and one snow covered tree. You can find the kit and other coordinating items here.  For the freebie quick page download here.


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