Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Bragbooks Page Three FREEBIE

Hi Everyone! First I want to thank everyone for your kind comments. I truly do appreciate them all. It's always nice to know that my designs and freebies are appreciated and usable. :)I'm still reading the book called, "Help Me, I have A Teenager!!" by Annie Drake, MA, RN, CS, LMFT. Did you know that teens need 15 hours a week spending time with us? They need as much time with us as they did when they were toddlers! Also, we make the biggest difference in their lives. Not their peer group, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, or coach-teacher-leader because all of them can change at any moment. We are their only constant and despite how inadequate we may feel, or how they may appear to discount us, we are the most important person in their life. Isn't that reassuring? It is for me:) Today I have page 3 of the Fall Bragbooks for you. It's the final one representing the Night Owl kit. Grab your freebie here for the next five days :)

See you soon with another freebie!