Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Bragbooks Page Five FREEBIE

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. I have some more news from the book, "Help me! I have a Teenager!!!" by Annie Drake, MA, RN, CS, LMFT. Do you know how to end a perfectly good conversation with your teen? Ending it with "I told you so". Annie says it's "a power move" and it destroys a good conversation. Instead, she recommends that once you've made your point (that is with your questions made during the no lecture method, leave your teen alone to absorb them and simply end with "thank you" if anything needs to be said at all :) Today's freebie is Fall Bragbooks Page 5 from the Falling Leaves kit. I hope you like it. You can grab it here for the next five days :)

See you soon with another freebie :)