Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEW KITS! Young Women Camp

By request, I am eager to announce the release of the newest Steadfast and Immovable kits, Young Women Camp! These kits are based on the LDS Young Women Girls Camp. Each of the YW value colors, in an earthy, camp-like tone, are represented both collectively and individually.

Within the main kit, the complimenting elements (frames, bows, flowers, clasps, etc) come in each of the 8 colors to create an endless amount of combinations (Faith-White, Divine Nature-Blue, Individual Worth-Red, Knowledge-Green, Choice and Accountability-Orange, Good Works-Yellow, Integrity-Purple, Virtue-Gold). Inevitably, during YW (aka Girls) Camp, there are down-pours, so I included a paper and some matching elements in that regard. Some camps exclusively use tents, while some have cabins; both were included. Our YW Camp always has a hike, so I included elements for that purpose. This kit has just over 100 elements, 20 papers, and 2 alphas. One alpha is a full set and is designed to match every possible color combination. The second alpha is a full set (without lower case) with a nickle look and has nails to imitate the woodsy feel of a hike's trail guides, cabins and even tents.

The Word Art comes with seven, 300 dpi word art showcasing common themes found at YW Camp; including the famous "Moremen Girls" song!

The Quick Pages come with six, 300 dpi, 12x12 and the same in 8-1/2 x 11 quick pages and demonstrate the wide variety and combination of the YW colors with their coordinating elements.

The Brag book pages come with nine, 300 dpi, 4x6 brag book pages. Each page focuses on one of the 8 colors with a final bonus page wholly dedicated to Camp. (Of course, you can expect to find these as limited-time freebies sometimes in the near future :)

The Bundle package includes all of the YW Camp kits (Full Kit, Word Art, Quick Pages, and Brag Book Pages) for one great bargain price. In addition, it has an exclusive (not sold separately) set of matching glitter and the seamless, rainbow pattern that was used to make some of the elements and one of the alphas.

You can find all of these kits in my stores by clicking the blinkies as found in the upper right column of this blog.


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