Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Digi Style Designs Pricing Error

I want to thank my faithful digi followers for making me aware that there was a huge error at Digi Style Designs. I still have no idea what made it happen, but designers don't typically give all their products away. So, I so very grateful for your watchful eyes and heads up that somehow my products were all marked at zero at Digi Style Designs. I give away freebies all the time, but I work for hours on end making the kits and, regardless of how many sales I have, I just couldn't actually give them away completely. So sadly, until this can get figured out with Digi Style Designs, I have had to remove my products and the links to that store altogether. Thank you, friends, for your heads up over such a monumental and costly error. It is truly, truly appreciated :)

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