Friday, May 14, 2010

Introducing the Good Works Kits! These kits are based off of the Young Women value, Good Works, represented by the color yellow, and focus on working and helping with chores in the home - the best place to start with one's Good Works!

There are a total of eight values in the Young Women program with each represented by a specific color: Faith (White), Divine Nature (Blue), Individual Worth (Red), Choice and Accountability (Orange), Knowledge (Green), Good Works (Yellow), Integrity (Purple), and Virtue (Gold). You will already find in my store above the Integrity, Knowledge and Individual Worth Kits. More will be on their way, soon :)

The Good Works Kit, Word Art Kit and Quick Page Kit are available on this blog and in both of my stores. The Brag Book pages and Bundle Package are only available in my online stores.

They all can be purchased separately or as a bundle. Be sure to watch for the Brag Book pages which I will be making available for a few short days as freebies. If you miss them, you are welcome to purchase the BB pages at either of my stores OR you can still get them for free when you purchase the Good Works Bundle only available in both of my online stores. The bundle includes the entire grouping of the Good Works kits (Full Kit, Quick Pages, Brag Book Pages and Word Art) all for one great price. It's like getting 1-1/2 kits for free! So, if you don't have to wait for the freebies, you can grab the bundle today....

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