Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to make Handouts

A great way to make your own handouts for YW is to use a free blog background. A great resourse for that is Allie Browns Layouts where you'll find nearly a hundred different designs from which to choose. Simply click the link, or the layout, so that you get a large version. Right click and save it on your computer. Then open it up with your picture software, or insert the photo into Word - see below (I like Publisher, make it postcard size, and set it up to print four times onto one page) and add the text. Wahla! Your done.

I figured out Microsoft Word for those who don't have Publisher. Go to this website to download a template for Postcards for Word. Then, when the template is opened on your computer highlight the text in the first box, and insert the picture you want as your background into it's place. Repeat this for the remaining three spots. Then, go to the Insert menu and choose Text Box. Write your text and format it. Select the box and right click. Choose Format Text Box and choose No Color for both Fill Color and Line Color. When you have finished the handout, select the text box, and copy and past it over the other three backgrounds previously inserted into the template. Hope this helps.

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